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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Turn any Android Phone into iPhone

if you are iPhone Fan like me, but ended with Android Phone, then this post is for you.

iPhone provides the simplest interface whereas Android is difficult for new users. But if you wish to have the simplicity of iPhone on your Android Phone, it is very easy.

You do not even need to root your phone. Just install a special Launcher which gives the FEEL of iOS7 to your Android Phone.
The Best Launcher for iOS is KuKool Launcher (Cool Launcher). Its the most lightweight launcher, which does not require any external plugins to be installed. Just 6 mb with all features.

For complete information, use this link : -

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Give your Android Phone more internal Memory Space

If your phone is getting slower or getting hanged or you are getting Low internal Memory while installing the applications on your android phone. It means your phone's internal memory is getting filled up to full. And this is the time to move apps to SD Card from internal memory.

Most of the Mid-Range Android Phones today are shipping with 4GB internal Memory. And whenever we install Apps on Android 4.0+, applications are by default installed on Phone Memory and later on, it has to be shifted to SD Card. But still few application refused to move to SD Card. In such scenario, it is advised to ROOT the phone and then you will be able to move the Apps to SD Card. Rooting of Android can end the Warranty of your phone. But before this, you can try the following solution which can enable your phone to move Apps to SD Card: -

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Download Android Apps from Google Play Store to PC directly

A small Java based utility is created, which allows you to download Android Apps from Play Store directly to your PC. There is no need to connect your Android Phone to PC.

You can download the Android App  (APK File) to your PC and can install it later on. Only requirement to run this application is JAVA on your PC. If you have JAVA installed on PC, you can download it from

BP Profile as Homepage version 1.1 - updated for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1

After pointing out by John Clause, I have just updated the plugin for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1. Now enjoy the facebook function...