Thursday, March 20, 2014

Give your Android Phone more internal Memory Space

If your phone is getting slower or getting hanged or you are getting Low internal Memory while installing the applications on your android phone. It means your phone's internal memory is getting filled up to full. And this is the time to move apps to SD Card from internal memory.

Most of the Mid-Range Android Phones today are shipping with 4GB internal Memory. And whenever we install Apps on Android 4.0+, applications are by default installed on Phone Memory and later on, it has to be shifted to SD Card. But still few application refused to move to SD Card. In such scenario, it is advised to ROOT the phone and then you will be able to move the Apps to SD Card. Rooting of Android can end the Warranty of your phone. But before this, you can try the following solution which can enable your phone to move Apps to SD Card: -

  1. Download the USB DRIVER and ADB Tool from this link.
  2. Extract and copy the folder to your desktop
  3. Make sure you have installed the USB Drivers for Android Phone.
  4. Connect your phone using USB Cable to PC
  5. Open the Extracted Folder on Your Desktop
  6. Now firstly Double Click STEP-1.BAT file. It should show you 0[auto] as result in CMD window. Press any key to close CMD.
  7. Now Double Click STEP-2.BAT file. Press any key to close CMD. That's it. Now SD Card is set as Default installation location.
  8. To verify, double click on STEP-1.BAT file. It should show you 2[external].

Now on your phone, move to Settings - > Apps. It will list all the applications which are installed on your phone. Now tap on the application you want to move to SD Card. Here you can see now MOVE button which was previously disabled.

Still in few cases, some applications can still refuse to move to SD Card. In that case, ROOTING is the last resort. Generally Google Apps, Facebook will refuse to move.

While moving apps, keep in notice that don't move those applications of which you are using WIDGETS or those are system based applications. If you move apps to SD Card, that application will not auto-start and can not have Widgets.

BP Profile as Homepage version 1.1 - updated for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1

After pointing out by John Clause, I have just updated the plugin for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1. Now enjoy the facebook function...