Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transfer Music / Videos to iPod / iPhone / iPad easily without using iTunes

It has been always a difficult task for every ios device owner to transfer media to their device. iPod / iPhone / iPad are itself very easy to use and very user friendly but the software iTunes so difficult to use and make a simple task of transferring videos or songs very tedious. Apple has been criticized for iTunes. But there is nothing can be done about it.

But there are developers who are listening to needs of Apple Costumers. In this article, I will present 4 software applications which makes your life easy and you can easily transfer media.

1. Phone Stick

A small software but very useful. It works like a charm. It allows you to transfer media to/from iDevice without the need of installing iTunes on machine. Yes, it doesn't require iTunes. Without installing iTunes you can transfer media to your phone and vice versa. But the pain is it's not a free software. It's share ware program. Trial version allows you to transfer upto 2GB of media to your iDevice. After that, you must have to purchase the pro/paid edition.

Main Features: Upload Music, Videos, Books & Ringtones to Device. Transfer Media from iOS device to any PC. Multiple iOS device management (i.e. transfer music directly between two iPhones). Access the uploaded media immediately after the transfer. No need to launch iTunes.

Click here to download or read more about Phone Stick

2. Bridge & Mewseek
Bridge is a jailbreak tweak that allows user to import multimedia attachments like song, music and videos to iTunes library. It is iOS 7 compatible, so, can be install on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini…
Most probably, its impossible to import songs and videos from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to iTunes without having computer or iTunes. Bridge does the same thing and allows user to import media attachments like songs and videos to iTunes. Bridge is developed by Jonas Gessner. It can be found on BigBoss repo. The developer has put $1.99 price tag. With this jailbreak tweak, now its easy to import all your songs, videos and photos to iTunes library. Please take a look on sale page and read properly before purchase.

MewSeek iOS7 is mobile app for music search, fast download and live streaming designed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms. Now you are able to search, listen live and download music files for your iDevices. It needs WiFi or 3G connection and it will give you full speed actions.  Now without iTunes or any computer requirement, it has the ability to add your downloaded songs to the internal music library in your device, enabling to listen to them instantly in your favorite music player.
But again both these 2 applications require you to jailbreak your iDevice.

If you do not want to jailbreak your device, then here is the best option. Keep reading this article.

3. SynciOS
This is one of the best tool so far I have used. It makes everything damn easier. Just drag and drop and your media is transferred. No restriction nothing. More over Its totally free. yes, this product is totally free but keeps on giving you a NAG screen to upgrade. But its okay. Here are the few features of this amazing Application : 

  • Perfect iOS Backup and Restore Tool
  • Phone to Phone Data Transfer (iOS & Android)
  • Transfer & Manage eBooks on iOS Devices
  • Sync contacts, messages, notes and bookmarks
  • Free iTunes Backup Manager
  • Transfer Photos between iOS Devices and PC
  • Manage iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps
  • Convert audio & video to iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Make your own free ringtones with several clicks.


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